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Essential relaxation

We have reduced relaxation in our spa hotel to its essential features – so you can engage yourself completely in soothing relaxation. 

Warmth and rest – those are the most important components for wellness. On top of that the impressive view of the Karwendel Mountains in Tyrol...

Sauna landscape in the Spa hotel in Tyrol

Begin your visit to our spa area very gently.

  • In our infrared warmth cabin you can do something for your health and warm your body from the inside out. Tensions ease away, circulation improves...
  • Our organic sauna is just as gentle and is suitable for everyone who wants to relax at temperatures up to 65°C.
  • The Finnish sauna is panelled with wood all the way to the ceiling. So not only the 95°C heat has an effect on you but the natural atmosphere ensures a sensual feeling of wellbeing.
  • In the Aroma steam shower you can breathe deeply and relax. The soothing aroma of eucalyptus unfolds here. You will feel refreshed.

And afterwards... simply rest.

Resting area in the Hotel Der Brandstetterhof Sauna in the spa hotel Der Brandstetterhof in Tyrol Sauna in the spa hotel Der Brandstetterhof in Tyrol

Relax while surrounded by nature

Find the way to your self in relaxation. You have everything you need to experience the necessary tranquillity in the relaxation room of the Spa Hotel Brandstetterhof in Tyrol. And you can see the impressive mountain landscape of the Karwendel region - a fount of energy in and of itself. 

Enjoy the view of the snowy peaks in winter. Take advantage of the garden lounge chairs in the summer to relax in the fresh Tyrolean air. Experiencing the mountain stream as it trickles by is included. Treat yourself to healthy snacks and refreshments at our wellness buffet. We offer you fruit, nuts and natural teas. Pure enjoyment!