Implementing sustainability in our hotel

Quality, regional focus and environmental protection

Our home is our focus, that's why we at the tradition-steeped Tyrolean hotel place so much importance on sustainability and the region. If it seems possible, then we put it into practice. Some of our dreams for sustainability cannot be realised at the spur of the moment – but we like to find new paths that will lead us to a useful goal

That's why we began a long time ago to reduce the use of fossil fuels and to focus on resource-saving solar energy. Der Brandstetterhof is well on its way to becoming a completely natural hotel

We used natural materials and wood from the Karwendel region for our interior decorations and furniture. Our more than 400-year-old wine cellar remains a constant 14°C without technical assistance.

Running our hotel sustainably means being authentic and also incorporating the environmental protection of the Tyrolean region and the surrounding nature. At the same time we insist on the highest quality. We can combine these two goals by procuring natural products from the surrounding farms and using these Tyrolean products for the finest of meals. You can taste it: Sustainability can be so pleasurable.

Regional, natural products from the Karwendel region

We even rely on natural products in our spa area. The Albrecht family from Vitalpark Karwendel delivers Tyrolean rock oil. 

Precious active ingredients from marine animals and plants are won from the oil rock. Its harmonious composition and the high content of naturally bound sulphur make the Tyrolean rock oil special  as a mild care product or as a longstanding household remedy.